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after accusing him of groping and kissing her without consent.“Dear Leeann, I want to apologize to you personally,” Tweeden read aloud for the audience.She says Franken forced his tongue into her mouth when she expected to be rehearsing a scene where they would fake a 'kiss' for the military audience. Al Franken groped her while she slept on a military transport plane (pictured) and forcibly kissed her backstage during a 2006 USO goodwill tour Leeann Tweeden, pictured in 2006, just months before performing in the fateful USO tour, says she's still angry at Sen. He mashed his lips against my face and stuck his tongue in my mouth so fast,' Tweeden said Thursday.After hearing of his apology, Tweeden said during a press conference that 'people make mistakes. That's not my place to say that.'But the mother of a young son and daughter, both toddlers, hinted that if other women were to come forward with similar stories, that may change.'I've gotten a phone call from a woman that has – I've only gotten a message – that says something similar has happened to her. Franken, and has found the courage to speak about her experience because of other women who have described similar mistreatment at the hands of powerful men 'I don't want to be a cliche, but you know, you talk about trying to leave the world a better place for your kids, you know,' she said, shedding a tear. You want to leave – you try to set examples for your children'Accusations from the raio host, who was a 23-year-old model at the time of her allegations, could send Franken into the same reputational basket with Republican Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore, movie producer Harvey Weinstein, comedian Louis C. 'All I can remember is that his lips were really wet and slimy and in my mind I called him "fish lips" the rest of the trip.In his second statement, Mr Franken said there was "no excuse" for his actions in the photo. It's obvious how Leeann would feel violated by that picture." Re Al Franken: I’m shocked and concerned. Comedy is no excuse for inappropriate conduct, and I believe there should be an ethics investigation."I look at [the photo] now and I feel disgusted with myself," he said. — Claire Mc Caskill (@clairecmc) November 16, 2017Ms Tweeden said she was inspired to share her story after interviewing Representative Jackie Speier, who has solicited stories of sexual harassment from women working in the Capitol – and also shared her own.

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Leeann Tweeden is a 44-year-old model turned TV news anchor and currently works on the "Mc Intyre in the Morning" show on KABC 790 AM in Los Angeles.This is about when you don’t want somebody to put their hands on you, no is no.” Seth Meyers called the claims against Franken “horrifying” in a segment on .“And she’s wearing army gear because it’s a USO tour.She claimed he kissed her during a rehearsal and also shared a photo of Franken smiling to the camera as he grabbed her breasts while she slept.Tweeden, who has accepted Franken’s apology, told the hosts of , “I’m not calling for him to step down.” She added, “I think he’s done some great work, and this is not about donkeys and elephants, this is about right and wrong.

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