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"I think when a landscape is tilted against you like that...isn't that how women the generation before felt when they couldn't get a fair shake in jobs? What would happen, Biderman thought, if cheaters had a website all their own?

Businessweek: Playboy agrees to go private in Hefner-led buyout Biderman presented the idea to his business partner at the time, Darren Morgenstern.

Film: Zubeidaa Singer: Kavita Krishnamurthy dheeme dheeme gaaoon, hu, dheere dheere gaaoon, haule haule gaaoon, tere liye piyai am singing slowly, for you, o my lover dheeme dheeme gaaoonhu, dheeme dheeme gaaoon, hu, dheere dheere gaaoon, haule haule gaaoon, tere liye piya gun gun main gaati jaaoon, chhun chhun payal chhankaaooni keep on humming and singing, i am making jingle sounds with silver jwelry on my feet /*Blogger's comment: Payal = anklet*/ sun sun kab se dohraaoon piya piya piyaplease listen, since long i am repeting, o lover gulshan mehke mehke, ye man behke behkethe gardens are full of fragrance, these minds are intoxicated aur tan behke behke, kyon hain bata piyathese bodies are not in control, why is it so, o lover man ki jo haalat hai ye, tan ki jo rangat hai ye,this condition of the mind, this color of the body teri mohabbat hai ye piya piya piyathis is caused by your love, o lover gun gun main gaati jaaoon, chhun chhun payal chhankaaoonsun sun kab se dohraaoon piya piya piya piya piya o zindagi mein tu aaya to, dhoop mein mila saaya towhen you have arrived in my life, i received pleasing shadow in the scorching sunlight jaage naseeb mere, omy fate has become good anhoni ko tha hona, dhool ban gayee hai sonathe impossible was to happen, the dust has turned into gold aake kareeb tere, owhen i came near you kahoon aur kya tujhe main piya, owhat more can i tell you, o lover teri nigahon mein hu, teri hi baahon mein hui am in your eyesights, i am in your arms khaabo ki raaho mein hu piya piya piyai am onto the pathways of my dreams, o lover gun gun main gaati jaaoon, chhun chhun payal chhankaaoonsun sun kab se dohraaoon piya piya piya piya piya o maine jo khushi paayee hai, jhoom ke jo rut aayee haithe happiness that i have achieved, the season that has come in full swing badle na rut wo kabhi, omay that season never changes dil ko devta jo laage, sar jhuka hai jiske aage,the one whom the heart feels to be God, the one, in front of whom the head bows toote na but wo kabhi, omay that statue never get demolished kitni hai meethi kitni suhani, toone sunaaee hai jo kahanihow sweet how beautiful is the story the that you have recounted to me main jo kho gayee, nayi ho gayi, othe more i indulged in that, the newer i became aankho mein taare chamke, raato mein jugnoo damkethe stars shone in the eyes, the fireflies glittered in the nights mit gaye nishaan gam ke piya piya piyathe scars of worries disappeared, o lover gun gun main gaati jaaoon, chhun chhun payal chhankaaoonsun sun kab se dohraaoon piya piya piya Translated and Posted to Y!

After hearing an ad on Howard Stern's radio show or seeing a schlocky commercial on late-night TV, you might find yourself on Ashley — the premier "dating" website for aspiring adulterers. " Setting up a profile costs nothing and takes about 12 seconds. "Monogamy, in my opinion, is a failed experiment," he declares.

Dirtybear2010 ("Seeking Ladies seeking NSA Discreet Fun"): Hello Red There's a lone genius — possibly evil and certainly entrepreneurial — behind Ashley Madison.

"I was very confident that men would gravitate towards a service to conduct these otherwise anonymous affairs.They were seemingly doing it already," says Biderman."I was much less confident that women would behave that way." According to the research he cites, women are most likely to have affairs in one of two places: at the office with a "work husband," or within their social circle, with "a friend's partner, a sister's partner," or someone else they are close to.While Biderman scheduled calls with reporters from CNN, ESPN, and a Peterborough (Ont.) radio station called The Wolf to discuss the perceived injustice against his company, a film crew set up lights to shoot a segment for a documentary about the "science of sin." Down the hall, the 107 programmers, designers, customer service agents, and marketing folk who run Avid Life's six websites — including cougarlife.com, for older women seeking younger men, establishedmen.com, which connects "ambitious and attractive girls" with "successful and generous benefactors to fulfill their lifestyle needs," and hotornot.com, the 1990s throwback where people rate one another's photos — were plotting Avid Life's digital push into the future. Fox declined to comment on the Ashley Madison commercial, although it's worth noting that during the most-watched Super Bowl in history, the network broadcast an ad for Go Daddy.com, in which racecar driver Danica Patrick wears a skintight body suit, and an Adam Sandler movie trailer featuring a barely-dressed jiggling woman. I'm angry because it's not logical." After spending several years as a sports agent at Chicago's Interperformances, Biderman founded Ashley Madison in 2002, naming the company after the two most popular names for baby girls that year.In any case, rejection is nothing new to Biderman, whose business has grown in part through the predictable media attention that's generated when a company that profits by encouraging people to cheat on their spouses tries to push further into the mainstream. A large chunk of his work as an agent involved helping professional basketball players juggle their wives and mistresses, so when he read somewhere that 30 percent of users of Internet dating services were pretending to be single when they weren't, a light went on, pointing the way to an underserved online niche market.

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