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Both injured and written off by many a year ago, Federer traveled to Nadal's hometown of Manacor on the Spanish island of Mallorca to help open his academy.The duo spent some time to reconsider their approach towards the game amid speculations over their retirements.Haris, as usual, followed the protocols and collected the ball.But, what he didn't know was the fact that it wasn't any other ace by Federer.For the first time since 2010 Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal picked up the first two slams of the year, and the thrilling Australian Open final between the two evergreen legends was a reminder of why the match-up is viewed by most observers as the greatest rivalry in tennis, and possibly even in all of sport.So far this year, Federer and Nadal have shared 12 titles between them, including all the four Grand Slams — the Australian Open and Wimbledon went to the former, and the French Open and US Open to the latter.In what turned out to be a memorable moment, Federer had a long chat with Haris sharing his experience of the early days in his career.He also told Haris how he, too, was a ball boy for two years and how he was equally in awe of the stars and fascinated by their equipment.

2017 has so far been the year when tennis went back to the future.

The new pair on the stage was that of Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray.

The best the Swiss-Spaniard duo could do was to continue as part of the high-achieving quartet (of Federer, Nadal, Djokovic and Murray) but no longer as its two strongest pillars.

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