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Along with being a transformative novel, Middlesex is also considered a modern epic.It is an epic account that retells the history of a recessive chromosome that made its way into the life of the main character.She leaves a note to her mother and father saying, “I am not a girl. This note starts Calliope’s journey across the nation to California.On the way there, Calliope goes through her transformation and becomes Cal. Cal slowly begins to become less self-conscious about his body.A redheaded girl from Grosse Pointe fell in love with me, not knowing what I was.(Her brother liked me, too.) An army tank led me into urban battle once; a swimming pool turned me into myth; I've left my body in order to occupy others — and all this happened before I turned sixteen.

Sing how it passed down through nine generations, gathering invisibly within the polluted pool of the Stephanides family. Three months before I was born, in the aftermath of one of our elaborate Sunday dinners, my grandmother Desdemona Stephanides ordered my brother to get her silkworm box.

And sing how Providence, in the guise of a massacre, sent the gene flying again; how it blew like a seed across the sea to America, where it drifted through our industrial rains until it fell to earth in the fertile soil of my mother's own mid-western womb. Chapter Eleven had been heading toward the kitchen for a second helping of rice pudding when she blocked his way.

At fifty-seven, with her short, squat figure and intimidating hairnet, my grandmother was perfectly designed for blocking people's paths.

Jeffrey Eugenides was born in Detroit and attended Brown and Stanford Universities.

His first novel, The Virgin Suicides, was published by Farrar Straus & Giroux to great acclaim in 1993, and he has received numerous awards for his work.

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