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I’m sorry, we can’t hire you.” “But wait,” the man says. “I’m afraid the neighbours will talk if I let you stay in my house.” “Don’t worry,” John said. And if the weather breaks, we’ll be gone at first light.” The lady agreed, and the two men found their way to the barn and settled in for the night. ”“My parents don’t like me dressing up like a girl.”The authorities think she may have been pushed.******A college class were told they had to write a short story in as few words as possible. Mystery Below is the only A short story in the entire class“Good God, I’m Pregnant; I wonder who did it”*****On a beautiful summer’s day, two English tourists were driving through Wales.

Come morning, the weather had cleared, and they got on their way. But about nine months later, John got an unexpected letter from an attorney. The instructions were the story had to contain the following three things:- 1. At Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwyllllantysiliogogoch they stopped for lunch,and one of the tourists asked the waitress.

To break the silence, the Indian clears his throat and softly speaks: “At one time here, my people were many but sadly now, we are few.” The Muslim student raises an eyebrow and leans forward: “Once my people were few” he sneers, “but now we are many. ” The Alberta cowboy shifts his toothpick to one side of his mouth, and from the darkness beneath his Stetson says in a smooth drawl, “That’s ’cause we ain’t played Cowboys and Muslims yet…but I do believe it’s a-comin’…”****I get irritated when people come down on our law enforcement officers, saying that they don’t care about, or respect others.

He took himself to The doctor who gave him a full and thorough examination.”The fourth man replied, “My son is gay and makes a living dancing as a stripper at a nightclub.”The three friends said, “What a shame… His birthday was two weeks ago and he received a beautiful 30,000 square foot mansion, a brand new jet and a top of the line Mercedes from his three boyfriends.”*****My one day of employment After landing my new job as a B&Q greeter, a good find for many retirees, I lasted less than a day. Have a good day and thank you for shopping at B & Q.” My supervisor said I probably wasn’t cut out for this line of work.*****I was walking past the local mental hospital the other day,and I heard all the patients were shouting, “13…13…13”.What a disappointment.”The fourth man replied “No, I’m not ashamed. About two hours into my first day on the job a very loud, obese, hairy, mean-acting really ugly woman walked into the store with her two kids, yelling obscenities at them all the way through the entrance. The fence was too high to see over but I saw a little gap in the planks, so I looked though to see what was going on.After a while the man was impatient to know how it all worked so he took his squeeze out to a very romantic meal with loads of wine and sure enough after a couple of hours he felt an unusual stirring in his loins.And to his great surprise his manhood slipped out above the table, bent round and grabbed a bun which it slid back under the table.

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